#9 Town Portal Expert fails to save the day


Nyx Assassin is teleporting home with Spiked Carapace activated, Shadow Fiend auto attacks him to break his Shadowblade buff (plus Desolator, a full soul count and more damage items). Spiked Carapace returned the damage, killing Shadow Fiend instantly. Unfortunately “Town Portal Expert” Magnus was not able to save the day.

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Event: Public Game

Players: Pubbies

Location: Dota 2

Credits: Unknown

  • Nickolas Chuffi Dos Santos

    nyx took some damage, what was it from?

    • swag

      Sf ult

  • Phoenix

    I think Nyx had activated both blademail as well as carapace.

  • Sup

    How is it possible he did 1514 damage reflection unless that SF had some daedalus and rapier. And after he died, he clearly didn’t have rapier.

  • Mictlantecuitli.DotA

    I want to point out that if SF hit Nyx from lothars while he was standing inside of nyx, the ult would do 100% damage (nyx would get hit by all souls) and he would probably die.

  • Hector Ramirez

    lvl 25 shadow fiend with shadow blade, desolator, deadalus, does 1236 damage with a crit so its possible this could happend