#1 Tobi likes dancing

Tobi Likes To Dance

In between a game featuring Na’Vi & Fail Micro, Tobi decides to stretch his legs and put on a little show for the viewers at home. (He was dancing to KPOP)

Views:  7199

Event: Battle of the Masters

Players: TobiWan

Location: The JoinDota Studio

Credits: Unknown

  • Alvaro Avellaneda

    I’m gonna guess… he is dancing Gee

    • mfmf

      thats what i thought too

  • eater

    great :)

  • Иван Варус

    Can’t see animation, only picture

  • baegupahyo

    doesn’t move, reupload plx.

  • http://www.lifeinmumbai.co.in/ Pradnesh Patil

    Lol this shit is funny. :P

  • http://www.typhox.net/ Typhox

    Link to video please!

  • Vitor Miguel Das Chagas

    The first one, deserves indeed

  • Phoenix

    This one certainly deserved to be the first one. :D

  • kevlarkent

    this was a looong time ago :P