• Mictlantecuitli.DotA

    okay what actually happened here… the kitten falls off the desk but like… please don’t tell me the kitten actually died =(

    • Pepeluza

      it doesnt, trust me i have a baby cat. The idiots fall from everywehre but they are like indestructibles.

      • Mictlantecuitli.DotA

        I know, ive had a lot of kittens but.. idk kinda cruel to put those words as the title for the gif.

  • Adeeb Raid Kaddure

    ya’ll need to hear trance :))))

  • some guy

    Any video of this? c:

  • hichtec

    Here is the video of that awful moment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6D0EAkAI8M