#9 Town Portal Expert fails to save the day


Nyx Assassin is teleporting home with Spiked Carapace activated, Shadow Fiend auto attacks him to break his Shadowblade buff (plus Desolator, a full soul count and more damage items). Spiked Carapace returned the damage, killing Shadow Fiend instantly. Unfortunately “Town Portal Expert” Magnus was not able to save the day.

Views:  8138

Event: Public Game

Players: Pubbies

Location: Dota 2

Credits: Unknown

#8 EG.Fear meets Na’Vi

Fear Meets Navi

During the Dreamhack Winter 2012 quarter finals featuring EG vs Na’Vi. DeMoN on the Dark Seer vacuums four of the Na’Vi line up into Fear’s Sven who lands a massive cleave crit resulting in an instant ultra kill in which Na’Vi immediately calls GG after.

Views:  12829

Event: Dreamhack Winter 2012 - Quarter Finals - Evil Geniuses vs Na’Vi

Players: Fear, DeMoN

Location: Dota 2

Credits: motbob

Source Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOpjqRuN3F4